It’s #NationalSewingMachineDay


A copy of Thimmonier’s Sewing Machine

You’ve probably used one many times, but have you ever wondered when it was invented? As early as 1755 Charles Frederick Wiesenthal had the idea of using a double pointed needle with an eye at the end, but failed to take the idea further, but it is Thomas Saint is widely believed to have come up with a machine in 1790 but no evidence remains of the machine itself. It’s therefore Barthélemy Thimmonier who is credited with the invention and patenting of the sewing machine as we know it today,  in 1829.

Sewing Machine Day is a celebration of the humble sewing machine and they’ve certainly come a long way since 1829 from handwheel and treddle to the electric machines we all use today. Just take a look around the room you’re sitting in and see how many things have been stitched with a sewing machine – where would be without them? We’re delighted that home sewing has experienced somewhat of a rennaissance over recent years and more people than ever before are taking up sewing as a hobby, to make clothes for themselves and their families, or to make their homes unique with bespoke home furnishings.

If you haven’t got a machine yourself, but would like to learn how to use one, then we have Singer machines at The Art Academy which are perfect for learners to start with.  We run regular beginners courses which will help you to familiarise yourself with the machines and learn to thread and stitch the basic stitches with them. We also run beginners and improvers courses to help you learn how to read patterns and make simple garments, allowing you to gain confidence in your skills and make yourself something unique. We can teach you how to read traditional patterns and how to print off and assemble PDF patterns, and more importantly, how to adjust those patterns to make garments that will fit you. We run lessons for adults and children, so take a look at our timetable, and get in touch with us to book onto the next available course.